Cloudminter Announces Partnership With Dezhan Electronic Technology Ltd For 40 Mw Data Center

Montreal, July 16th, 2018, Cloudminter a Quebec based cloud computing corporation is pleased to partner with one of the largest data center facilities in Asia. We are seeking to add strong partnerships with data center teams that have a record of success and Dezhan has a true record of success.
Dezhan specializes in high-density data centers ideal for hosting Asic equipment. They are currently hosting over 10,000 machines. The onsite repair service is able to repair equipment and reinstall within one hour of failing. Their technical team can install 1000 Asics in a single day.
Daniel Rafuse, President of Cloudminter stated he was impressed with the competence of the Dezhan team. “At this time where China has now lifted its political moratorium on mining, it is important to have a presence in this market.” Mr. Rafuse further added “ The labor and material costs are unbeatable in China, having a presence in China allows Cloudminter to offer the lowest cost colocation solutions on the planet. He also added “the fact that many of the partners of Dezhan are based in Canada made the negotiations fast and effective.
Edward Wang Canadian based spokesman for Dezhan stated ”we believe Cloudminter is the right Canadian partner for us. Mr. Rafuse has built impressive multi-megawatt facilities in Canada and we are pleased he was impressed with our infrastructure.” China has access to low-cost electricity and aims to continue its global leadership in the space. We focus on ensuring positive cooperation with local electrical authorities to respect our objectives of 99.9% uptime at our facilities. “We are continually expanding and are able to meet even the largest demand.”
This collaboration between the two entities comes at a critical point, Canadian and American regulators are imposing restrictions on high-density data centers just as China is easing their restrictions. Ultimately most of the equipment is manufactured in Asia, it stands to reason that it be hosted there as well.
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