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Number one hosting services

advantages include not having to worry about mining locations and you get better bandwidth with our state of the art mining facility. Traditionally, the process begins with a few devices at your disposal and even then the hosting service cheaper than it would be if you were mining with via a home rig. Hosting at home can actually lead to tremendous costs and, not to mention, worrying about heat emissions, as well as the noise made by the machines you have set up for cryptocurrency mining.

Repair Center

best engineers at work

We carry out repair work related to soldering, complete replacement of parts of ASIC miners, and other services of any complexity using special equipment. Our specialists can help in the most challenging situations and as soon as possible. We provide a guarantee for all the work performed.

The Market Impact of Blockchain

The world’s economy is changing. The businesses that follow the flow of innovation will be able to save money and build a reputation in the new, trusted, digital world. The blockchain, together with smart contracts and digital currencies will make the trade and governmental processes safer, faster, efficient, and scalable. And the economy will continue its path towards decentralization as more and more small players, supported by the digital technologies, join the market. These are some of the industries affected:

  • Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Voting
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Agriculture
  • Insurance

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