Montreal, August 2, 2018, Cloudminter a Quebec-based cloud computing corporation has acquired a high density data center facility with immediately available 15 MW. “We are very excited to have access to a facility with the  lowest hydroelectricity rates in the world. The facility is located in Sherbrooke, Quebec which has autonomy on its own power allocation and the town has been very supportive of the facility.”  


Gabriel Cyr, Vice President Business Development at Cloudminter said, “I’m excited to open the facility to economic partners from all around the world looking to host their equipment. We have already signed with several firms from England and Argentina, however 8000 places remain still available in the facility.”


“The engineering team who designed and built the facility are some of the best engineers in Quebec and it showed. The facility is designed and built specifically for Digital Mining equipment and there are plans in the works for an additional 12 MW facility focusing on artificial intelligence hosting in close proximity to the existing facility” Said Daniel Rafuse president of Cloudminter.


Mr. Cyr stated, “we are confident that we will find hosting clients for the 8000 spots which are still available and invite interesting parties to contact me to discuss mutually beneficial terms, one of the strengths of the facility is that the hosting contract will include free monitoring, free installation, and pricing as low as 60$ USD a kW. The facility also offers one million dollars of insurance for the equipment hosted in the facility without supplementary charges for the client.”


“Our goal at Cloudminter is to have more than 500 MW by the end of 2018 and the addition of our facility in Quebec brings us closer to this objective,” stated Mr. Rafuse.

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