Cloud Infrastructure Focused:

• Mining digital currency with the Cloudminter A9,D9 AND T2 powered by Innosilicon
• Machine learning and AI powered by the NVIDIA DGX-1
• Life sciences and image rendering powered by Nvidia Quadrio

Community Focused:
We pride ourselves on offers to leading research universities access to our graphic processing units on demand to advance science. In particular for advances in medical imaging capable of revolutionising the diagnosis of illness with an accuracy heretofore unseen in science.

Commitment Focused: 
Globally our commitment is singular. Offering only the most innovative and advanced computing tools in the most transparent and efficient manner possible


We have created what we call "fair mining" with a simple and intuitive solution to ensure profitability for our investors. Also, we allow everyone to access this environment, regardless of their first level of knowledge. We offer tailor-made mining solutions tailored to your needs. Passionate, we focus our efforts on 3 essential values: • Transparency at every moment • A tailor-made support for all your investments • Optimizing your security and profitability So take part now in the new generation of cryptomoney investments.